Bhanu Vikram loves blogging, transportation, languages, teaching, coaching, consulting, and yummy foods! He is originally from India and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years.

Throughout his life journeys, Bhanu noticed two types of people. The first kind knew there was a future for them. They understood that they should work toward and build their good future. They kept their faith in their own abilities and tried to improve their lives as they faced life's challenges.

The second kind didn't care much about their own lives and didn't do much to improve. They were shortsighted. They were okay with their life circumstances and very did little to create a better future for themselves. At times they complained but never took any action to learn or improve. In many cases, they were even actively destroying their own futures with their bad choices and addictions.

Bhanu Vikram loves to inspire! He encourages others to improve their own lives and ultimately do well in all aspects of life. He knows that no matter what may have happened in the past, one can take action and improve his life and achieve greater success.

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